HEMAK's Mission;

Machine technologies and solutions for their industry improve, markets and produces surplus value, to work in the notion of being a global company.


HEMAK's Vision;

Customer expectations in line with the lowest cost of new technologies that can offer the right solutions and the most competitive, most accurate take steps towards becoming a global institution.


HEMAK's Quality Policy;

Maintain its leading position among the companies in the sector and implementation of quality and zero defect production and sales of all products have realized the most favorable price and take all necessary measures to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and work in harmony with all our customers.


HEMAK's Quality Objectives;

HEMAK Companies main objective of both the contracting and other project work, increase the volume of the firm's business and HEMAK's top positions among the companies is to move the world. To achieve these goals;


- Meet the maximum level of customer requests,

- Using the latest technology and methods in his work,

- Ensure continuous improvement of services and products offered to customers,

- Effectively using all resources to improve customer satisfaction,

- To invest in human resources,

- Non- damage the environment,

- Top-quality service, the most reasonable cost and on time overall quality objectives.