Compressed Air Systems

In Plants, most problems are encountered in the compressed air system. These systems are usually built on an amateur plumber. Consequently:


Corrosion; Welded joints, cutting the pipes one by one, corrosion in the pipes and cause the machine to malfunction.

Water in Machines; piping without regard the compressed air technics, causes water in machines and malfunction.


Insufficient air;  No matter how strong Compressor you have, the slightest mistake in installation prevents receiving enough air.


Some features that makes HEMAK Compressed Air System superior to its competitors in the world:


Maximum Efficiency With the right project ; Compressed air rules&standards and maximum efficiency is achieved through appropriate project standards.


Proper Distribution with Collector System ; With Compressor- Dryer -Tank distribution collectors, trouble-free operation is achieved.


One piece Pipe ; No rust and rivets with slag bleed adapters; By Unique Hemak Pipe System, suppliying air to the machines without cutting the pipes.


Compressor ventilation ; With proper compressor ventilation, the maximum compressor life and trouble-free operation is ensured.


Heating with compressor waste air ; With compressor waste air all plant can be heated. There is no need for additional heating.