Industrial Air Conditioning Systems

If there is no air-conditioning system that meets the requirements of the company, it is not possible to talk about productive production and quality. The limited air circulation reduces the productivity of machinery and workers in the industrial and industrial areas.


The most suitable solution for cooling industrial areas is generally evaporative cooling. Direct evaporative air conditioners spend only 10% of the energy consumed by the conventional air conditioners and produce fresh, cool and abundant air.

Direct evaporative cooling; It is an inexpensive, practical, environmentalist and innovative approach that can bring the humidity and temperature values ​​of industrial areas to the optimum comfort level.


Evaporative cooling should not be mixed with humidification system applied in yarn factories. While there is not sufficient cooling in humidification, both cooling and humidification provide the desired conditions in evaporative cooling.


In cases where the cooling of the evaporative air conditioner is not sufficient, a solution can be reached with air handling units fed by chiller or package type air conditioners.